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Lurgan's specialists in succession planning

Plan for the future with the help of T.G. Menary Solicitors.

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Succession planning offers clients peace of mind, enduring you have the necessary protections in place to protect your home, any businesses and any savings for your future generations.


We can also advise on inheritance tax planning, capital gains tax, powers of attorney and nursing home fees.

What is succession planning?

As the name suggests, it involves planning for 'successor' generations, ensuring your land and wealth goes to the people you want it to upon your passing. Planning now will ensure you get a say on who gets what, and when.

Our team can help ensure your assets are protected and divided according to your will, ensure a plan is in place for handing over control of your business, and offer advice when gifting any wealth to charity in your will.

Successor planning is also a useful education tool, ensuring future generations are mentally prepared for the responsibility of managing your assets.

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When is it useful?

The first instance people think of is for when you pass away. Part of succession planning can involve will writing, ensuring everything is in place upon your passing, including wealth distribution and business management.

It can also be used as a contingency plan, should you ever lose mental capacity due to illness or injury. Planning now can give you peace of mind, in case anything should happen to you. We help you appoint individuals to manage any assets of business interests you have, and make decisions on your behalf.

Planning ahead can protect you and your family against third party challenges and other inheritance disputes.

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