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Local experts in inheritance disputes

Disputes over a will can make an already difficult time more distressing. Based in Lurgan, T.G. Menary Solicitors is here to help.

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The loss of a family member can be very distressing for families, and a will is designed to make the handling of assets less stressful, and helps to ensure the deceased's requests are followed. On occasion, problems can arise where unexpected changes have been made, the will seems to be worded vaguely and is open to interpretation, or instances where an individual or group seems to have disproportionately benefited.

At T.G. Menary Solicitors, we aim to help you resolve any disputes with  a will, and work towards a more amicable solution.

Challenging a will

There are a number of instances when the will can be challenged. For example, if you felt that the person creating the will lacked the mental capacity to make fair decisions, or was influenced to adjust it to benefit certain parties, you may wish for this to be investigated.

Whether due to poor wording or different interpretations of the wording, conflicts may arise between representatives of the deceased and beneficiaries as to how assets should be distributed.

Our team can discuss your concerns, and advice on whether it is a matter than can be pursued on the basis of undue influence, ambiguity or contested legacies.

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Professional negligence and change of representatives

In some cases, a will may not be enacted correctly, and where a representative has failed in their duties, you may be able to apply for replacement representatives to administer the will.

We can also advise clients in cases of professional negligence: where a client has suffered losses in a will, due to poor advice or a poorly drafted will.

T.G. Menary Solicitors can assess your case, and provide tailored advice on whether the case can and should be pursued.

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Let us help you to prevent disputes with your will

At T.G. Menary Solicitors we believe preparation is key. In addition to helping with disputes, we can also prepare wills to reduce the risk of disputes occurring with your will. Whether as a standalone service or as part of our succession planning package.

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Trust T.G. Menary Solicitors to manage inheritance disputes fairly and respectfully. Speak to our Lurgan-based team today, on:

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