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Choose the right team to handle your land disputes

Lurgan-based, T.G. Menary Solicitors are experienced solicitors, able to take on a range of land, property and boundary disputes. Speak to our team today to discuss your situation in full.

Trusted agricultural specialists

Whether due to a change of ownership, problems with registering land, inaccurate plans or a complaint from neighbours, land ownership and boundaries can be brought into question. At T.G. Menary Solicitors we offer a tailored service to clients in Lurgan and the surrounding area, with the aim of bringing any land disputes to a peaceful conclusion.

Whilst we specialise in agricultural cases, we're happy to discuss any type of land dispute.

Supporting clients with boundary disputes

Understanding boundaries between properties and areas of land is often a point of contention, especially in rural settings.


Problems can arise when one side expects the other to take responsibility (e.g. maintaining fences, walls and hedgerows on them), or when a fence or structure is built on the other's land. Trust the team at T.G. Menary Solicitors to help resolve disputes between you and a neighbour. 

We can provide support and advice, helping all parties come to an agreeable solution on all types of boundary dispute.

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Right of way disputes handled fairly

On occasion, disagreements may arise when two parties cannot agree on access to a property. Many cases revolve around a misunderstanding of land ownership, such as thinking an access road was public or within your boundary, or when rights of way are not on the title deeds.


Sometimes it can be a physical block, such as a locked gate or a fence which goes across your right of way. Disputes like this can have an impact on the ability to do business or rights to access a property. 

We can help ensure clients have fair access to a site or property they own, or that your boundaries are clarified and your rights as the landowner are reaffirmed, preventing unauthorised access or construction.

We take the time to understand your legal needs
Local experts in agricultural and rural law
We've been in the area since 1890
Fully regulated via The Law Society of Northern Ireland

Experts in several aspects of law

If you have any other legal needs, such as conveyancing support and succession planning, T.G. Menary Solicitors can offer further assistance. We aim  to become your preferred solicitors in the Lurgan area.

Speak to a member of our team today to discuss all your legal needs. We have out of hours and weekend appointments available, subject to availability.

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For assistance with land disputes, speak to the specialists at T.G. Menary Solicitors:

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